ROI3, Inc.

About ROI3

Our Mission
Conceptualized in 2010 in Washington, DC and incorporated in the state of Washington on July 1, 2011, ROI3's mission is to empower people in emerging markets through innovative, technology-based solutions.

What we do
ROI3 creates localized content and services optimized for smartphone and tablet users in emerging countries and regions. Mobile technology has proven to be powerful tools for people living in emerging countries and regions. ROI3 delivers content extending the benefits of mobile communications through convenient access to knowledge, information and services that increase productivity, build communities, and grow economies.

Our Outcomes
ROI3's primary goal is to provide exceptional service to each and every customer with a brand that represents integrity, quality, and innovation. Examples of how ROI3's content and services will help customers include:

  1. Assisting individuals with learning or improving English language skills;
  2. Educating individuals on health, sanitation, well-being and preventable diseases;
  3. Providing farmers with critical and timely information on best practices, pricing, and weather;
  4. Facilitating the growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises; and
  5. Promoting financial literacy for individuals, families, and businesses.

Executive Team
William C. Joern, Executive Chairman
Aaron D. Rose, President, Treasurer, and Chief Executive Officer
Steven E. Drake, Executive Vice President and Corporate Secretary

Advisory Board

Lei "Niki" Tao serves as a Strategic Advisor to ROI3 where she provides guidance on the application of the company's data and analytics.​ Specifically, Niki defines and frames analytical problems, how to decide which data are collected and what analyses should be performed, and providing solutions that support the long-term strategic plans for ROI3 and our customers alike.

Niki joined ROI3 in 2015 as a Research Analyst, responsible for researching and developing marketing plans and supporting materials. A native of Shanghai, China, Niki received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington. She is currently working toward her Master of Science in Applied Analytics at the Columbia University School of Professional Studies. Connect with Niki on LinkedIn.



Jingyan Zhang serves as a Technical Advisor to ROI3, where she provides guidance in the development of the company's mobile software solution. Prior to her current role, Jingyan served as Project Manager and oversaw the successful development of ROI3's initial English language learning mobile app. She joined the company in 2014, applying her research skills to support ROI3's long-term business strategy.

Jingyan also serves as CEO and co-founder of Yeeko Inc., which is the publisher of Yeeko Magazine, a periodical that produces content on culture and literature for Chinese readers worldwide. A native of Hefei (Anhui Province), China, Jingyan received two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts in Geography with an emphasis in GIS, Mapping, and Society and Bachelor of Science in Statistics, from the University of Washington. Connect with Jingyan on LinkedIn.

张婧妍在ROI3, Inc. 任职技术顾问一职,为公司移动软件解决方案的开发提供指导。在此之前,张婧妍担任项目经理一职,负责ROI3第一代英语学习移动应用的开发。她于2014年加入公司,以她的调查和分析能力来支持ROI3的长期商业战略。

婧妍同时也是面向全球华人中文杂志《异客杂志》的出版公司Yeeko Inc. ,并担任CEO一职。她来自中国安徽合肥,毕业于华盛顿大学,取得了统计专业和地理专业GIS方向双学士学位。通过LinkedIn与张婧妍联系。

Join ROI3
ROI3 is looking for talented individuals who possess a passion of making a difference through innovation. If you have experience with mobile applications and services, and an understanding for developing tools that improve people's lives, send us a message with your resume to ROI3 is an equal opportunity employer.